Products we work with

Products We Work With

At First Ave. Medical Spa, we offer world-class products you can use at home to further boost the effectiveness of your in-office treatments. We carry products from ZO® Skin Health, EltaMD®, OBAGI® Medical, and AlumierMD.




ZO® Skin Health offers a premium line of skin-care programs and products to reduce and prevent further signs of aging, promote overall skin health and treat specific skin conditions. Our technicians are able to recommend a complete skin care system tailored to your needs that you can use at home to complement our in-office services and boost your overall results.

Created as a line of systems featuring stem cell technology and science-backed formulations, ZO® Skin Health allows us to offer further premium skin care solutions for you to ensure daily skin health and protection from common environmental factors, such as UV exposure.

AlumierMD was created by a team of experienced PhD biochemists, physicians and skin care specialists. This team of experts has designed multifaced, results-oriented skin care products that target the underlying physiology related to each skin type, condition, and person. The comprehensive medical skin care line includes state of the art science-based, luxurious formulations with innovative delivery systems. These products address multiple skin concerns, deliver results and perform progressively over time.



When seeking laser treatments, gentle yet powerful sun protection is key. At First Ave. Medical Spa, we recommend the EltaMD® line of tinted and non-tinted lotions, sprays and aerosols to ensure you’re shielding your skin from the damaging effects of the sun. UVA and UVB rays can cause damage to the outermost layer of your skin, while penetrating deep below the surface to affect collagen production and hydration levels. A broad-spectrum sunscreen formulated with zinc oxide, a natural compound that lasts longer than many chemicals, EltaMD® is essential to your treatment system. This non-comedogenic, fragrance- and paraben-free line is safe for most sensitive skin types.



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