VelaShape III Body Contouring

VelaShape III Body Contouring

Dramatic body contouring results with zero downtime.

Stubborn fat, wobbly tummy’s, cellulite, saggy arms, and stretch marks are all real issues that millions of people have to deal with. Whether it’s bulging bra fat, love-handles, wobbly thighs, or a belly that hangs out a little too much; these problems don’t just impact how you look on the outside, they can take their toll on your confidence and overall health and wellbeing.

VelaShape III Body Contouring can help you put things right and target stubborn areas with a revolutionary treatment for cellulite and circumferential reduction.

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The VelaShape III Treatment blends four different technologies together to provide a formidable procedure that stands out in the marketplace a non-surgical body contouring procedure that delivers targeted and prolonged results.

Bi-Polar radio-frequency (RF) Energy, Infrared Light work together with technology-driven tissue manipulation that uses massage rollers and pulsed vacuum features in harmony.

This results in thorough heating of a multitude of components, including fat cells, their connective tissue, and the collagen fibers that surround them. The combination of heat alongside the vacuum functions work to boost the production of collagen while enhancing cellular metabolism. This provides a targeted reduction in body volume and skin laxity. Because of the massaging and extra tissue manipulation, lymphatic draining and circulation are boosted, both of which are important stages of a process for the healthy structure and texture of the skin.

Although this body shaping treatment will leave impressive results after just a single treatment, a course of 6 treatments will usually deliver more favourable results. Depending on the size of the area that is being treated, and the condition of the area, this will dictate the length of time of the treatment. Usually, a standard treatment will take place over 30-45 minute period.

If you have cellulite on your body, you can benefit from a VelaShape III Body Shaping treatment. It is far more effective than other non-surgical body shaping treatment options.

While Velashape III can be used on almost any part of the body, it is particularly effective in treating these areas:

    •  Bra / Back Fat

    •  Thighs

    •  Chin

    •  Buttocks

    •  Stomach

    •  Arms

Using the VelaShape Body Contouring Treatment, you can safely achieve the contouring and tone you desire. It can help your body feel more toned and help your skin feel more youthful.




The VelaShape III body shaping treatment is a non-invasive process that harnesses the power of a number of technologies which include Bi-Polar RF Energy and Infrared Light. It then uses practical manipulation of the tissues via a pulsating vacuum and robust massage rollers in order to deliver heat that reaches the fat cells. Most of our patients describe VelaShape III treatments as comfortable and similar to the sensation of a warm deep tissue massage. Treatment sensation varies from patient to patient. VelaShape III treatments are designed to accommodate your individual level of sensitivity and comfort. It is normal to experience a warm sensation for a few hours after your treatment. Your skin may appear pink for a few hours post-treatment. VelaShape III treatments are safe and effective for all skin types. There are no reported short-term or long-term health effects and you can simply carry on with your day as normal.

Gradual improvement of the treated areas can be seen following the first treatment – with the skin surface of the treated area feeling smoother and firmer. Results in circumference reduction are seen from the first to the second session and cellulite improvement is noticed in as few as 4 sessions. Depending on the severity of the issue and the size of the area being treated, we would always recommend undergoing a course of treatments.

Most people will typically attend for 4-6 sessions of treatments. When you meet with our technician, we will review your concerns and perform a quick examination of the area you wish to treat. Following this, you will be provided with a recommended course of action to follow.

An ideal candidate for VelaShape treatment is someone who eats right and exercises routinely with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of less than 30. VelaShape treatment is not a weight loss solution nor is it an alternative to surgical procedure like liposuction.

Any of the fat cells that are targeted with the VelaShape III body shaping treatment will be broken down as the heat processes work their magic. The broken down fat will then be flashed down by the lymphatic system.

Treatment is safe and effective for all skin types and tones. There are no reported short- or long-term health effects.

Following your complete treatment regimen, it is recommended to get maintenance treatments periodically. Like all non-surgical or surgical techniques, results will last longer if you follow a balanced diet and exercise regularly.



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