Vascular Lesions

Banish vascular lesions and restore your skin.

Using the latest technologies, we can help you free your skin from vascular lesions and help you reclaim a more even skin tone. Our highly-effective laser treatment targets vascular lesions and works directly on the affected areas where the veins are most prominent. However life chooses to leave its mark on your body, we can help you avoid painful injections or worse still, being forced to cover over your skin with a treatment for vascular lesions that are proven and effective.

What are Vascular Lesions?

A vascular lesion is a blood vessel that has become visible from underneath the skin and is usually blood colored with either a purple or reddish tone. They can form in a number of places on the body but are usually reported on the face and legs. They can affect anyone of any age but are most commonly a result of the ageing process.

There are many different names given to vascular lesions, the most widely known are:

    •  Spider Veins

    •  Haemangioma

    •  Venous Lake

    •  Cherry Angiomas

Vascular Lesion Treatment

At First Ave Medical Spa, we use a trusted technology that has proven to be exceptionally effective in the targeted treatment of a range of vascular lesions.

We use a patented system called the Gentle Max PRO to deliver treatment for vascular lesions. This system uses laser technology to deliver light-based energy to the skin that impacts the veins, and in turn, leads to the disappearance of visible vascular lesions.

We would always welcome clients to meet with us in the first instance, as this allows us to asses the severity and condition of the vascular lesions. Once we do this, we can then provide you with a treatment plan, outlining the expected number of sessions needed to help achieve the desired results.

Using the Gentle Max PRO system, we direct the laser energy onto the target area. The action of doing this will cause the blood inside to coagulate. As the treatments process, the vein will eventually collapse leading to the disappearance of the lesion.

Another appealing element of this vascular lesion treatment is the welcome addition of a cooling device. With each laser pulse that is delivered, it released a cooling burst of cryogen in order to instantly cool the target area and lessen the sensations that are common with any type of laser treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have used the Gentle Max PRO system to help clients treat a range of vascular lesions and can report that most of our clients have reported very few side effects if any at all. The most common side-effects of laser treatment for spider veins are a slight swelling that is localized to the treatment area and a slight reddening of the skin immediately after the treatment is performed. If these do occur, they will usually subside in the following 24 hours after the treatment has taken place.

Drawing on the experience of the entire industry, we can report that in some instances, very rarely, there have been reports of blistering and bruising.

A full consultation is always advised so that we may review any past or current medical conditions as well as being able to physically examine the area/s you wish to be treated.

As with all laser-based therapy, there is a minimal and manageable level of discomfort that is experienced during the treatment session. The easiest way to explain this is akin to a slight pinching sensation which occurs as the laser pulses are delivered. Some clients say that it feels very similar to when they are using tweezers to pluck their eyebrows.

Once the treatment has taken place, there is no reported pain and only in some cases is there a slight swelling that can occur. 

The majority of clients who book a laser treatment for vascular lesions will have between 1-3 sessions. However, the exact number of treatments required will depend on the size and severity of the area/s you want to treat.

We always provide our clients will a tailored plan that looks at this in advance, helping you have a clear indication from the start about how many treatments are needed in order to deliver the desired results.

Using the Gentle Max PRO system, a targeted beam of light is applied to the affected area. The energy from the laser will then cause the blood to coagulate. This essentially means that the blood will break apart and is then reabsorbed into the body. As you progress through the treatments, the veins will eventually collapse, as the laser energy will destroy the target ensuring that no blood can collect. This results in the disappearance of the vascular lesion and the flow of blood will be rerouted correctly back to the veins that are far below the surface of the skin.

There are so many different reasons why people suffer from varicose veins, spider veins, and any other type of vascular lesion. Here we provide you with the main reasons why people get vascular lesions.

  1. Ageing is one of the most common reasons why people develop vascular lesions. As we age, the valves in the veins weaken and do not function as well as before.
  2. Changes to hormones can also play a major factor in the development of vascular lesions. For women, the major hormonal shifts occur during puberty, pregnancy, and the menopause.
  3. Medication is another common factor where the development of vascular lesions is concerned. It is widely regarded that birth-control pills along with other medication which may contain progesterone or estrogen have a strong link with the formation of vascular lesions.
  4. If you become pregnant, there is also a significant chance that vascular lesions will develop. Because of the increase in the volume of blood that is in the body, this can in some cases lead to enlargement of the veins. Should this occur, it is common for these vascular veins to subside from 3 months after a baby is born. If you have multiple pregnancies during your lifetime, then appearance and number of vascular lesions will most likely increase.
  5. Reduced movement in a person can also lead to the development of vascular lesions. If you stand stationary or sit down for prolonged periods of time, this can result in the veins having to work much harder in order to get the blood to your heart.
  6. Overexposure to the sun has also been linked to the formation of vascular lesions on the face, particularly for those who have fair skin.
  7. Vascular veins are also considered to hereditary as they are a condition that can occur in those with weakened vein valves.
  8. If you are overweight, this can increase the pressure on the veins and as a result, lead to the development of vascular lesions.

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