Banish those bags and lift your skin like never before.

Using world-class technology to boost collagen, tighten, and firm, helping you reclaim your supple and springy skin.

How It Works

We use a range of industry-leading laser and radio frequency tightening tools that gently transfer heat into the very deepest layers of your skin. This process helps to activate collagen, elastin’s and other proteins that are essential for rebuilding the foundations of pliable and healthy skin.

Because it works under the epidermis, our skin tightening treatments can repair the damage you cannot see and is far superior to even the most expensive creams.

World Renowned Technology and Tools

At the First Ave Medical Spa, we make sure our clients benefit from the most advanced skin tightening tools. Our two leading products each offer a unique set of advantages, and we will always determine the most suitable device depending on your skin and your desired objectives.

Gentle Max Pro

This a completely non-invasive laser which provides dramatic skin tightening results. Clients will typically see instant results following a session with the Gentle Max Pro, and there is absolutely no downtime afterwards, making this a popular tool of choice.

       •  Targets Sagging
       •  Reduces Fine-Lines and Wrinkles
       •  Tightens Loose Skin

The underlying process instigates the stimulation of fibroblasts which are precursors to both collagen and elastin. For prolonged results, it is always best to undertake several treatments as part of an ongoing course.

Venus Viva Diamond Polar

 A phenomenal tool with proven results, the Venus Viva Diamond Polar Applicator uses a range of magnetic pulses and radio frequency in order to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin fibres over time.

Due to the intricate tooling offered by this skin tightening device, it enables us to target treatment area on a very precise level.

     •  Jowl Sagging
     •  Wrinkles and Bags Around the Eye Area
     •  Smaller Areas of Loose Skin

This is a highly effective way to remodel collagen, the act of which is essential for the firming and tightening of the skin, along with the formation of new vessels which also benefit the renewal of the blood supply.

Skin tightening treatments with the Venus Viva Diamond Polar require no anesthetic cream and described by our clients to be very comfortable.

Who Can Benefit

All of the skin tightening treatments at the First Ave Medical Spa is suitable for men and women of all ages.

As you enter into your 20s, the body will produce less collagen as it ages. Combine this with the separation of elastin in the skin, and these two factors are the reason why our skin starts to become looser. If you then take into consideration the impact of sun damage and environmental factors such as free-radicals and pollution, you can start to appreciate how and why our skin loses it firmness over time.

If you have only just started to notice the fine lines appearing or perhaps you are looking for the best way to take years off your face, then you can benefit from one of our skin tightening treatments.

Get natural results in a completely pain-free manner and relax while your skin bounces back into action.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each client comes to use with a unique skin condition and canvas. For those who want us to specifically target a single area, the treatment times will typically be shorter than those who seek more wide-spread application.

While many of our clients report instantly visible results that can be seen after just a single session; a skin tightening treatment will impact elements beneath the skin and stimulate both collagen and elastin production and reparation too. The benefits of new collagen growth can take between 3-6 months to fully take effect.

The majority of skin tightening experts will recommend anything between 4-6 treatments, depending upon a clients’ facial concerns and skin condition. Ideally, skin tightening treatments should be 3-4 weeks apart. Following the initial course, many clients choose to have an annual ‘touch-up’ session in order to target those areas which are most prone to sagging, lines or wrinkles.

Laser skin tightening treatments are a safe way to help restore and rejuvenate your skin over a range of areas on the face and body. While there are many treatments that will first remove superfluous layers of the skin in order to promote the growth of new skin, laser skin tightening will neither break or burn the skin.

The only inconvenience a client will report is a period of slight redness of the skin, which soon disappears following the treatment.

It is considered a normal side-effect of any skin tightening treatment to see redness or even to have a slight amount of swelling following a session. However, this is not in all cases, and if it does occur, it subsides quickly and without leaving any lasting effect.

In very rare instances, clients could experience a slight bruising or change in the pigmentation of the treated areas. However, it is important to understand that these are exceptionally rare and are side-effects reported by the industry as a whole rather than within our own Medical Spa.

Laser skin tightening treatments have been proven in their effectiveness at targeting areas of skin all over the body.

      •  Face

      •  Neck

      •  Bottom

      •  Legs

      •  Arms

      •  Stomach

With patients who have only a minor to a moderative level of laxity in their skin, this is often seen as a preferred method of treatment for skin tightening as opposed to other more invasive processes such as tummy tuck surgery or liposuction. There is also no downtime after the treatment and only a very mild level of discomfort which in both instances, proves to be a compelling factor.

Just as with the majority of cosmetic skin procedures, the cost of laser skin tightening will vary greatly from one client to another. Depending on the size of the area you want treatment, along with the laxity of the skin in this region, a bespoke price will be given in full in advance to you by your physician. Another final factor that needs to be taken into account is the number of treatments that will be required in order to help you reach your specific skin tightening goals.

At the First Ave Medical Spa, we always provide upfront and transparent pricing that is both affordable and easy to understand.

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