SofTap Permanent Cosmetics/Micro-Pigmentation

Permanent Cosmetics is the most natural way to look your best every time, all the time. New pigment technology allows for your permanent cosmetics to last between 2-4 years. This enables you to change your look over time.

Cosmetic artists specializing in permanent cosmetics use a revolutionary technique to gently place cosmetic pigment into the skin.

Perfect your natural beauty with even eyebrows, smudge-proof eyeliner, and defined lips. Unlike traditional permanent cosmetic procedures, the SofTap method uses 100% sterile single-use hand tools to delicately place the pigment into the skin.

SofTap artists create a non-invasive, comfortable, and highly controlled accurate method of permanent make-up, unlike traditional electrical machines. SofTap Permanent Cosmetics can give you anything from soft and subtle enhancement to the complete reconstruction of the brow or lip line.

Meet Farzana, a certified skin care specialist, an expert make-up artist, and a permanent cosmetic specialist. She is passionate about delivering her clients a comfortable and satisfying experience.

Farzana draws upon 20 years in the beauty industry and beyond mastering skin care she decided to combine her passion for skin care and make-up artistry. A perfect culmination for permanent makeup. Her pursuit for knowledge in the dynamic, ever-changing skincare/beauty industry ensures that she stays informed with the latest technologies and cutting-edge ingredients in skincare and permanent makeup, which she loves to share with her clients and to design their permanent cosmetics to enhance their beauty.

Her approach is one that encompasses all of the technical knowledge with a relaxing and soothing touch. Because of her dedication and love for the beauty industry, she has gained the credibility and loyalty of all her clients. A true master of all beauty services offered. All of your skin care needs can be met simply by putting your face in Farzana’s hands.

Benefits of SofTap Permanent Cosmetics/Micro-Pigmentation

● Maintain smudge proof eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip color 24 hours a day, in and out of the water.

● Choose from a variety of color shades to perfectly enhance or match your desired look

● Save time applying and re-applying make-up

● Achieve contour and expression by opening the eye with perfectly arched eyebrows and defined eyes

● Achieve even and full lips

● Correct uneven brows, scarring, and fading lip line

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